Hypnotherapy for Stress & Anxiety

Anxiety wears people down and slowly over time,
impacts every area of their lives

Do you often feel overwhelmed or feel unable to manage daily tasks due to your anxiety?

Through various experiences in our life, stress and anxiety is often the by-product we are left with and can stay with us long after the event. Not only can the anxiety build up with daily demands and pressures, even anticipating future events can create anxiety within a person.

We think we are coping and are able to manage the anxiety and then boom!  An anxiety attack strikes, and like hitting a brick wall at 100klm an hour, we stop dead in our tracks.  Until one day, we find it more and more difficult to get up and keep going.

Does your anxiety lead to feelings of frustration, low self-esteem, anger, or depression? Where you find yourself comparing yourself to others, feeling self-conscious, not feeling good enough, not worthy enough. Feeling overwhelmed with life and feelings of not being able to cope.

 Do you go into your own shell because you can see that you have been connecting to everyone else’s stress and worry as well?

Do you worry about upcoming events and activities and hear yourself focusing on only the negative outcomes?

Do you experience the impact of the physical manifestations? Does your heart and mind start to race? Do you start to sweat, feel your chest pounding and start to feel nauseous and think you are going to vomit?  You may also experience headaches or migraines or muscle tension.

If this rings a bell with you and you can see all these signs within yourself, if you are thinking “Enough is enough”, “This is silly”, I no longer want to live like this, then I guarantee I can help you.

Because if left untreated, over-time the anxiety will just get worse and even more debilitating. Impacting you mentally, emotionally, and physically.

As you would have experienced, anxiety prevents you from enjoying the good moments in your life.  Isn’t it time you started to enjoy all the good times and all of the special moments life has to offer?

Are you ready to live an Anxiety free life?

If this is a life that resonates with you and you would like support from an experienced clinical hypnotherapist, contact me now.


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