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For when you invest in your biggest asset – Your People

I have been in leadership training for over 20 years, and I believe that a person’s I.Q. or their personality style, does not determine how successful they will be.  Yes, these two traits play a role, but a very small role when it comes to their long-term growth and leadership ability. 

In fact, it is an employee’s attitude that determines their success and productivity, both in their personal life and professional life. When you think about it, a team full of employees with the right attitude are so much easier to train, to work with and to embrace your companies’ culture and vision.

According to a Gallup survey, companies that have a highly engaged workforce, score indisputably higher across the board in both profitability and productivity.

So, how do you ensure you have a highly engaged workforce?  How do you guarantee you continue to have a positive work environment and staff achieving their targets so you, your company and your team can also continue to have profitability and productivity?

The only way we can achieve this is by having a thorough understanding of your teams underlying attitudes. To be proficient in strengthening the attitudes that have enabled them to achieve the level of success they have achieved to date.  But more importantly, the attitudes they have that are currently holding them back or impeding them from progressing to the next level.  By targeting attitudes that will support them in continuing to grow and push them to new levels of success.

Even though you may have a sound understanding of your employees’ qualifications and work experience, over time, you see their different personality styles come through. I guarantee, that when you think about it, you don’t precisely know what makes them really ‘tick’ or what they really think about certain issues. What their underlying attitudes are, or precisely what areas in leadership training they fundamentally need training in?

What you see on a daily basis from your team, is a behaviour that is being driven from how they think and feel about certain issues – their underlying attitudes.  You hear and see ‘The Effect’ of their attitudes.

When you work with me, I will accurately identify precisely ‘The Cause’ of their current behaviour and thinking

 ~Their attitude ~

I will accurately demonstrate to you, precisely what the underlying attitudes are of your managers and employees.  You will get a very clear understanding of why your team members are performing in certain areas and why they are under performing in others.

I have spoken with so many business owners over the years who have told me they would prefer someone on their team who has the right attitude and a willingness to learn, rather than someone who might have the experience, but has a negative, anti-team attitude and has personality clashes with other team members.

Personal development, confidence and success all go hand in hand.  When you think about it, it doesn’t matter how smart someone is, or their personality type, an employee’s attitude will always determine the outcomes and behaviours we see on a daily basis.

With 20 years of proven attitude leadership training, I will accurately highlight what areas your managers and team need to focus on.  With my proven training modules, you will feel extremely confident in knowing that you will have a highly engaged workforce, plus the added bonus of increasing your profitability and productivity. 

Business owners know that when their employees are feeling happy, confident, mentally and emotionally strong, the better they perform.  After all, a company’s biggest asset is their people.  

When you work with me and invest in leadership training for your team, you will strengthen their ability and confidence to push forward and expect more of themselves and their team every day.  They will gain new leadership and communication styles, mental and emotional fortitude, while developing long term successful habits along the way. 

You also become known as a company who invests in their employees and that is not only people who are looking at joining your team. Because retaining your current high performing, positive and team orientated employees, is just as important as recruiting them.

A company who cares for their employee’s continual education and growth, by providing proven and trusted leadership training in areas that are pertinent to them, will always have a team of motivated people who will want to give their best every day.

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Just because you promote someone, doesn’t make them an instant leader!

I often see in so many companies, an employee is successful in their current role, so management promotes them and righteously so.  Unfortunately, even though they may have been an excellent salesperson, that doesn’t make them an excellent leader. 

Regrettably, I believe some managers develop a leadership style based on watching the managers around them or managers they have worked with in the past.  Without realising it, they have picked up unsuccessful traits along the way. When I get them to think about how they have formed their current attitudes and behaviours, based around leadership, they really get to see that it isn’t the way they should be responding or thinking in certain situations today. They get a really good feel and understanding of how their attitudes and current skills are impacting their team.


Poor communication would be the number one reason why teams break down and team morale suffers.

A Forbes Study showed that Employees who feel their voice is heard, are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work. And a Harvard Business Review showed that employees who say their manager is not good at communication, are 23% more likely to experience mental health declines.

Open and honest communication all starts from the top and then permeates throughout the whole team.  A team will copy and follow their manager or the person leading them.  If a manager is not effective at communicating and getting their ideas and thoughts across, it makes sense then, that their team will not be functioning as efficiently as they should be.

My leadership training enables managers to lead by example and have the difficult conversations with their team and customers in a timely manner.  They will also expect their teams to do the same. They will learn how to ask the right questions and to truly understand what their team members are saying, but more importantly what they are not saying. 

Understanding that we don’t have to agree, but we all need to have an environment where we can voice our opinions openly and honestly.  Learning how listening to and taking action on our awareness, plays such a significant role in communication and getting a deeper understanding of what is really going on around us.

The strength of the internal communication, between your teams and departments, will greatly impact how your employees communicate and sell their ideas and thinking on issues.  No just between their team and other departments, but with your customers as well.

There is no doubt that a team of people who communicate effectively and openly and possess a positive attitude, leads to larger revenue growth, and creates a positive working environment.  An environment where your employees want to come to work each day and so will you.

When we deal with our awareness, our chatter and participate in all areas of our life.  When we grow mentally and emotionally, the more our lives flourish and subsequently flow so much more smoothly.

Team Motivation

Have you ever noticed that your team seem to go through stages of performing well, then plateau?

Or over the years you may have spent money on motivational training or leadership training, only to feel that over time, your team have gone back to their old ways.

The reason this happens is due to the fact that a person’s attitude is 100% responsible for whether they apply what they have learnt and how quickly they will put the new skills into action.

Their attitude also plays an enormous role in maintaining positive, goal orientated company cultures and productivity.

I believe that it is not motivational training a team require, because motivation comes from within.  What motivates one person, will not motivate another. To have motivated teams, firstly teams need to understand how to work cohesively together.  Not only understanding what that means, but how to create and maintain that cohesiveness to be able to co-operate and function efficiently.

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Toxic, Negative and Narcissistic Employees

Toxic, negative and narcissistic employees can slowly drip poison on everyone within an organisation.  Even though you may not see it, your customers feel the effects of their toxicity as well. 

If you have a manager who is not strong enough, not assertive or persuasive enough, or does not deal with issues in a timely manner and spectates, the toxic, negative, or narcissistic behaviour of the employee will worsen over time.

They destroy team morale; are the reason many efficient employees leave organisations, are anti-team focused and constantly need their ego stroked.  They are arrogant and cocky and don’t believe they need to change.  They are known as bullies and unfortunately between $6 billion and $36 billion annually is the estimated cost of workplace bullying in Australia (source: http://www.aph.gov.au).  How much do you think they are costing your business?

Unfortunately, I have been in business with a toxic and narcissistic busines partner.  Believe me, they are pure evil. I train from experience, therefore empowering your team members to learn from experience, knowledge, and a proven skill set.

The way you manage and lead other team members, does not work for these types of people.  You need a completely new set of management skills. Once I teach you what to be aware of and the red flags to look out for, you will feel their presence immediately when you come in contact with them.  You will easily be able to manage them out of your business or personal life for that matter.

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Many companies are aware of the importance of self-care, personal development and leadership training for their employees. Focusing on your employees mental and emotional wellness, their attitudinal fortitude and resilience guarantees for everyone involved, an engaged workforce and long-term profitability and productivity.

It doesn’t matter who we are and what we do, everyone benefits from continual learning.  Yes, even me!

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