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The moment we change our thinking, we alter our world

Our habits are what determines our future.

We can keep telling ourselves to be more confident, that we don’t want to be anxious anymore or to eat healthier, or exercise more,

or whatever it may be, but willpower and determination alone will not disconnect what is buried deep in our subconscious mind.

Overtime, our deeply embedded beliefs and thoughts have moulded our patterns of behaviour, and now those behaviours have become more harmful than helpful.  The reason why at times, we can struggle to progress forward, is because we keep subconsciously sabotaging ourselves.

Sabotaging ourselves with thoughts that we know are no longer true.  Thoughts that we no longer want.

 Deep within us, a voice keeps whispering. A voice that has such a powerful hold over us, we feel like puppets on a string. Puppets controlled by a force so great, that change seems out of our reach.

That voice is our subconscious mind and it has no logic, so it is pointless talking to it like we communicate to our conscious mind.  So, how do we communicate to our subconscious mind?

Through Hypnotherapy

American social psychologist Roy Baumeister found that willpower is a limited resource, and like a muscle, becomes fatigued with time.  He believes that people who succeed don’t have more willpower than others, they just develop better daily routines and healthy habits. After a while, these routines and habits become automatic and require less conscious energy. 

This is where the power of hypnotherapy comes into play. Through hypnotherapy we can reprogram entrenched beliefs from our subconscious mind, to enable our conscious mind to form healthier daily routines and habits.

To no longer feel like a puppet.  To be in control of what we want to think, what we want to focus on, what we want to feel and experience is achievable by reprograming our subconscious mind.

That is precisely what I do.

Until we change our thinking we will always recycle our experiences.


I am Rhonda Jansen and I have 22 years’ experience in upskilling people’s past programming. I have an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and love what I do.

Think about where you are today.  Now think ahead five years from now and picture where you want to be.  What you want to be thinking, feeling, seeing and experiencing. When I am working with my clients, I don’t take people back into their past, nor do I focus on their past. I don’t believe there is any benefit in doing that.

 I focus on the present and their future. Because time and time again, I see that people do not decide their futures; they decide their habits and their habits, is what decides their futures.

A future life where they feel confident and in control.  A life where their mental, emotional and physical wellness is always optimal and well balanced.

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