I came across Rhonda Jansen Hypnotherapy in a moment of desperation. Desperation of finding a reason to live. Desperation of finding a reason to laugh again. And finally desperation in finding someone to help me through this dark patch.
I have suffered some severe trauma and have not been coping too well with it. I do not have faith in psychologists as it seems opinion based and a verbal basis of “there, there it will work out if you think positive. “ I knew this therapy would never work for me.
Rhonda’s approach was beautiful. I did not have to relive the trauma and she walked me through facing the deeper issues that the trauma had caused. This was no self esteem and self worth and a deep belief I deserved the trauma. My focus in life was on this trauma and I was not enjoying the lovely things life has to offer.
Three sessions and I found I was strong in my inner self. I have boundaries because I’m worth it and I stand up for myself instead of taking what situations sometimes offer. I no longer require validation from external factors and have a deep understanding that I am able to live with joy, accept the situations out of my control and have a knowing that I have the ability to enjoy life and not allow situations to taint my world emotionally.
I have a bounce in my step again and a sparkle in my eye not to mention the little things in life make me smile.
It is so wonderful to find a woman so empathetic and intuitive to your needs. She has experiences in her own life that emanate understanding and compassion and she takes you by the hand and leads you to a better way of thinking and feeling.
I will forever be grateful to Rhonda for this moment that has lead me to a brighter life.
Rhonda engaged wonderfully with me and made me feel completely at ease, the environment is relaxing and peaceful. I was a tad sceptical but was so very pleasantly surprised as things started to shift around the things that I wanted Rhonda's assistance with. It's tricky to find a true professional who can live up to their claims, Rhonda does and she has been of great assistance to me, and I would highly recommend her.
I started seeing Rhonda as my sister suddenly passed away I was really struggling with accepting it.

Within two sessions I feel at peace with her passing and feel more calm, we worked on been more motivated and calm in life and I really feel she has done wonders. I'm not as triggered by things that remind me of my sister, I embrace it and couldn't recommend Rhonda enough.

She was very inviting and from the moment I met her I felt at ease with her, she has really changed my life in two sessions I highly recommend her.
Rhonda, you have magic. The amount of positive energy that is coming Alisha’s ways in the last two days and the positive encounters she is having…….we are blown away. Thank you.
Coming into this I was pretty sceptical, but this was a last-ditch attempt to help with my anxiety & depression before starting a particularly strong medication. It’s now been a month & I have improved so much medication free.

My work & home life are so much better for it & I am very relieved. I have more energy & enthusiasm for my life than I’ve had in quite some time & I have Rhonda to thank for it. Highly recommend!
Rhonda’s kindness, empathy and outstanding ability should be shouted from the rooftops.

My daughter was suffering panic attacks, anxiety & depression. After trying so many treatments she was about to try another medication, but thankfully I found Rhonda & all of that changed.

Her quality of life & ability to do so much more is improving every day. Now I tell everyone to call Rhonda.
I found Rhonda after having gone through a few series of events in my life which had triggered an overwhelming amount of anxiety for me and over time I felt as though I lost a lot of my self confidence. I had been listening to podcasts which explained how effective hypnotherapy can be, so when I did a search, Rhondas profile jumped out at me.

When I met Rhonda for my first session she greeted me with a huge smile, spoke very calmly and professionally which instantly made me feel at ease. She asks lots of questions and explains exactly how the process works.

For me personally I felt as though I was able to release a lot of emotional baggage and stubborn beliefs about myself after the very first session, beliefs that I had been holding onto for years.

Although I left feeling exhausted, yet the most calm I had felt in a very long time. It was after my second and third session, that I felt so much more energised and enthusiastic that the anxiety I felt had just melted away. I continually feel my self confidence growing back each day and the things that used to bother me don’t seem to anymore.

I can’t recommend Rhonda enough, I am forever grateful to have found her on this journey of mine.
I had 3 sessions with Rhonda and I can truly say that these have helped me immensely with my anxiety. I feel as though I am better able to cope with the stressors in my life and I am definitely not as reactive to situations that would have triggered my anxiety in the past. The feeling I get in my chest with anxiety is almost non existent and I feel calmer and more in control. My mind is clearer allowing me to make better decisions. I don't feel as overwhelmed or stressed out as I did before the sessions. I feel more equipped to face the everyday challenges that pop up.

On a personal note, Rhonda is warm, engaging, and professional. I have tried lots of different techniques/treatments for my anxiety, and I can say that my sessions with Rhonda have been the most effective.
I am feeling good and optimistic about my new relationship with food. – Just a little example: I got a takeaway meal from the Thai place the other day, and ate half one night and the other half the next night and did not obsess about the bit sitting in the fridge at all. (Once, I would not have been able to do that. I would have had to finish it all on the first night.) Thank you. I am 65 years old and have never considered hypnotherapy in the past at all. But having a complicated, obsessive relationship with food which was impacting on my quality of life, I decided to give it a try.

Rhonda is so empathetic and positive and just a really lovely down-to-earth person. She made me feel at ease right from the very beginning. I am so glad I gave it a go. It has resulted in me feeling a sense of freedom in my day to day living, like a load has been lifted, Thank you, Rhonda.
After a long term relationship ended over 6 years ago, I found myself deep in depression and suffering from endless Anxiety. Yes, I had tried medications and was still taking them, but nothing was helping me, I was spiralling into a deeper depression and saw no light at the end of the tunnel. Talking with a friend I mentioned that I was considering Hypnotherapy. He jumped at me and said, You need to talk to Rhonda. He explained a little about her background and life experiences and I thought ,Well I have nothing to loose. I made contact and arranged to meet.

Rhonda met me with a beaming smile and an expression that just seems to ooze enthusiasm into me right from that first meeting. Rhonda LISTENED to me, asked me loads of questions, explains how the process worked and what could be done and how it was achieved.

We had a several weekly sessions after each I felt uplifted and encouraged that I was finding my feet again, finding the old me. Finally, I just realised that my anxiety was going, I was in a far better place than I have been for a very long time.

Hypnotherapy was not something that I had ever experienced or thought about but after meeting and being a part of Rhonda’s journey for me, I feel that anyone reading this should just give it a try.

There are no miracles or ideal promises, just warm, genuine, honest, and trusting outcomes that worked for me. From my heart to Rhonda’s heart, the biggest ever

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you, it was amazing and I feel so much lighter. Tod sends a special thank you and says his wife is back.
I had hit rock bottom in business and filled with anxiety, I struggled to take the business to new places. I knew I needed some help without prescriptions or medications however, I was at a point I needed to try anything.

I would just like to say after my first session, it had an immediate effect. The ball in my chest had gone, my mind had cleared up and I was a lot stronger.

Even today a month later, I’m much stronger in mind. Glad I tried something different and got some success from it. It nice to know I have Rhonda in my corner now. Thank you Rhonda.
Absolutely amazing and I felt so comfortable with her.
I had never tried hypnotherapy before but had always been intrigued. I decided to see Rhonda after battling with crippling anxiety for years.

Rhonda is caring, friendly and professional. After 3 sessions, my anxiety levels have decreased to almost zero and I feel calm and content. The stuff that used to bother me, doesn’t bother me anymore. I listen to the latest recording weekly to ensure I stay on top of it.

Thank you Rhonda!

I have found Rhonda to be professional and thorough. She takes the time to make you feel comfortable and to get to the bottom of the issue.

The techniques she uses works. I have the results that I am looking for. I had issues with heights, after one session, I was able to overcome this. When I did have a moment, the tools she gave me kicked in and I was fine.

Highly recommend and I will continue to work with Rhonda on other issues.
I reached out to Rhonda to assist me with my trading business. Before I saw Rhonda I was struggling with following my systems and feeling anxious about my trading.

Rhonda has made a massive difference with my trading. She has enabled me to follow the systems exactly how they are meant to be followed and has assisted me with being able to trade from a cool, calm and controlled mindset.

Very beneficial and I am truly grateful. .

I contacted Rhonda after finally realising I was facing some challenges with alcohol and anxiety which in turn was affecting a number of areas of my life. The interesting thing about this process was that I discovered so much more about myself which formed almost like a dot-to-dot experience which gave me the bigger picture and an understanding around the choices I had been making.

Ive found a control, clarity and calmness which is enhancing my everyday life in the most wonderful way possible.

I would sincerely recommend Rhonda to anyone seeking help with life’s challenges
I first reached out to Rhonda Jansen from the Mastery of Mindset, when I was seeking some help to further enhance my public speaking skills. While I felt confident there were some areas that I knew I needed to polish.

I saw Rhonda twice and not only did she help me to enhance my public speaking skills and my delivery, she also helped me to let go of some things that I've been hanging on to subconsciously for years. So by the end of our sessions I felt so much lighter and happier, and this stuff that had been carrying around was miraculously gone.

I highly recommend Rhonda. Her methods are extremely effective. and I couldn't recommend her highly enough.
I am doing really well and finding it easier to speak with people.
I don’t have that awful fear anymore.
I used to also wake up with anxiety and depression.
Now I wake up and my mind is clear and I feel happy and calm.

Thank you so much.
I’ve had the best few weeks with my anxiety these last few weeks.

In fact, I’m doing more and more daily, and my internal talk has really changed these last few weeks which is a new step ahead for me.

Most days I wake up with no negative thoughts about the day ahead. It’s just like it should be.

I see more benefits every month and I’m feeling really good.

Thank you Rhonda.
Madison is going exceptionally well. She hasn’t chewed her nails or her cuticles at all.

Her fingernails are growing for the first time ever.

Thank you so much.
Rhonda is amazing.

I’ve had 3 sessions with her and honestly, it has helped me so Much to focus on what is important to me.

I highly recommend Rhonda.
Hi Rhonda,

Since our session, I have felt so much calmer and intimacy has been wonderful.

Thank you so much.
Rhondas sessions and seeing my daughters face as she exits those sessions have quickly become the highlight of our week. My daughter got to Rhonda at the lowest time of her life, riddled with anxiety, mentally and physically exhausted after a bout of self harm with not one ounce of self confidence after trying to keep a school yard bully at bay. We were at a loss. I had no idea how to help her. I started to google “alternate therapies” and I was willing to try anything when I came across Rhonda. So I called, after a brief chat and an explanation of what she does we made an appointment to see Rhonda… BEST DECISION WE HAVE EVER MADE!!

After just one session my daughter was lighter and more hopeful than I had seen in a really long time and after just 6 sessions my daughter has made more progress in 6 weeks then the 4 years of Psychology visits she has battled through.

My daughter is unconsciously the best version of her self, her confidence is building, her anxiety levels have decreased dramatically, she has an appetite, she’s wanting to participate in conversations, social situations and has even had it help the one thing she didn’t give up on, her sport!

Don’t make the same mistake as me, don’t let desperation lead you to Rhonda. Make her you first resort and bathe the luxury of positive mind therapy.. Be open to it, you won’t regret it!
Deb & Brook
I have just had my first session with Rhonda after seeing the amazing results and benefits my daughter is experiencing because of her sessions.

I had been very anxious and was always in a constant state of worry. I don’t know how to explain the treatment, other than to say it was raw but not painful, peaceful and clarifying. After just one session I can honestly say that the mountain of anxiety I had been experiencing 2 days ago is no where to be felt. Even though the thought of the situation that was making me anxious has entered my mind several times since the session, something deep inside doesn’t let me react anxiously and I am beyond thankful for the freedom.

I’ve decided to make it a regular part of my self care and am looking forward to my next session. I can’t recommend Rhonda highly enough!
I have just started seeing Rhonda for my anxiety and depression. I didn’t want to go to anyone else that was going to make me dredge up my past to get to the centre of my pain like all the Doctors wanted me to do.

I was tired and just wanted to move on. I couldn’t believe it when I seen Rhonda the first time, she didn’t want me to visit my past she actually wanted to genuinely help me move forward and so together she is helping me do that. Rhonda has helped me in so many ways in such a short time, it’s just been amazing!

My anxiety has been crippling at times and lately I havent been physically affected, no physical symptoms at all and my mind hasnt been as congested. I am even starting to be able to make decisions and have started to slowly believe people again.

I’m a work in progress and I am so grateful and thankful that I have such an amazing resource in Rhonda.
“Rhonda has helped me in a way no one had been able to previously. I have spent years in therapy trying to resolve issues of my past that were still affecting my future. I couldn’t seem to get past how people treated me and it affected my confidence every single day. After the first session with Rhonda, I felt amazing. The next two sessions required a bit more work from me, but by the fourth session the sense of dread and heaviness had lifted.

I was not cured of every problem I’ve ever had, but they were all more manageable, and didn’t feel like they were ruining my life. I am so grateful for Rhonda for returning the sense of joy and excitement in my life.

I would recommend Rhonda to anyone who is willing to have an open mind. “
I just writing to thank you! My work has been going well I am feeling so much calmer and starting to become more comfortable with talking at work, I will continue to keep listening to your recordings and continue to build my confidence and growing a stronger voice.

Thank you so much for your assistance I really appreciate what you do and how you help people. Thank you for your kindness and support and assistance through this process. Every day I am feeling stronger, calmer and more confident as a person.

I really appreciated your ability to promote positive changes in myself and support me in growing stronger with my self-esteem which is improving my outlook on life every day. You have helped me to grow my confidence within my job and relieve anxiety in talking to people since experiencing previous voice issues.

I am so thankful to have met you and experienced this process with you.
Hi Rhonda,

How lovely to hear from you. I've been doing exceptionally well thank you.

I haven't had a chocolate, cake or biscuit since I had my session. In fact, I haven't craved them at all. I'm eating healthier options, sleeping well and feeling better.
I contacted Rhonda as a last ditched attempt to control my crippling anxiety whilst driving my car out of my very small comfort zone.

Upon meeting Rhonda I instantly felt calmer , and after the session felt an inner peace I had not felt for a long time, after only 1 session I felt calmer when driving and after the 2nd session I was able to drive to Malaney this would have been impossible before meeting Rhonda!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Rhonda for making a debilitating issue so much easier to deal with.
I am thankful to Rhonda who has given me the impetus to grow a stronger sense of self and grow in my personal strength and resilience to face the challenges of a covert partner with narcissistic personality disorder.

I am coming to a place of self-compassion, healing and belief in myself, my choices and capabilities and to make the changes inside myself for transformation. I have a deeper sense of fortitude in the face of subtle and manipulative provocation, and I have a voice to stand up for myself with ease now.

Rhonda has helped me to think differently and more positively to change, to create and manifest a stronger, empowered survivor with a brave heart.

Thank you Rhonda for your positive guidance, understanding and expertise.
Overall, I feel better and feel I am on a better journey. I feel better equipped for any instances that come up. If I feel there might be a little bit of anxiety coming on, I can switch it off now.

You have taught me that if I can turn it on, I can turn it off.There has been a big change in not having social anxiety now. I can go into a place and feel confident and don’t need to grab a drink. I am a lot more relaxed. .
Thank you Rhonda,

"You have helped me in so many different ways.

I don't get my down days now. I now get out of bed and do stuff. I feel stronger in how I think about things. I'm not sweating the small stuff. Not taking things to heart. I just feel like I am floating when I leave my sessions with you."
Thank You so much for your support over the last couple of months.

I can't explain what you have done for me during our sessions.

Only that I feel confident and calm despite being in a very stressful situation of being on the verge of homelessness, family rejection, going through the initial proceedings of a divorce as well as having been diagnosed with depression and anxiety for over 10 years. I have with your help, started on the path to beginning a new chapter that I feel I don't believe I would have been strong enough without your support and practices to overcome adversity and create the possibility of self-improvement.

I definitely will be in touch and return when the opportunity arises!!
Rhonda recently helped me with some long-time issues that I had not been able to resolve through other avenues.

I had not experienced hypnosis before and felt safe throughout the process. Rhonda is also a kind and caring soul.

I would highly recommend her.
Rhonda, was warm and welcoming from the moment I first called on the phone to the day of my last session, I went from a severe fear of public speaking to now being able to do this on a daily basis.

I also left each and every session with a sense of relief as not only did our sessions involve hypnotherapy, we also spent the first 15 or so minutes chatting including any small things that were holding me back personally and professionally in life. Each session was tailored and unique.

I was also able to record one of our sessions and can refer back to that when I feel like I need a refresh. I also felt that Rhonda was genuine in her want to help and didn’t push or ask for any additional sessions, however, made it clear that she was there for me should I need to book in again. She has also followed up just to check in and see how I am, which again, shows she cares about who she sees. In today’s world, that's very rare!

Highly recommend Rhonda and forever grateful for our time together!

Call Rhonda.