Weeding Out Negative Thoughts

Weeding Out Negative Thoughts

When I was born, my Mum and Dad had a tobacco farm in Bilwon out of Mareeba in Far North Queensland.  I was only six months old when they sold the farm and moved into town.  Mum tells the story of how she held me so my tiny feet could feel the rich soil of the farm.  As my feet touched the ground, I instantly started crying and pulled my feet up in horror. 

Even though Mum and Dad moved into town, Dad kept his love of growing plants and we had an enormous vegetable garden. This was back in the days when backyards where huge, and the front yard and around the house was filled with flower beds.

As I was looking at an old photo the other day I thought our minds are a lot like Dad’s garden. 

We need to weed out the negative, destructive thoughts that limit us moving forward.  We need to get rid of the people that try to intertwine their negativity around us and attempt to suffocate our dreams and hopes.

Some people in our life are like weeds, they have really deep roots because we have let them hang around too long.  Above ground they can look like a flower, but in fact if you dig deep, they are an obnoxious weed.

We need to fertilise our mind with positive thoughts and get rid of the shitty ones. It would be like putting blood and bone fertiliser in your garden and letting your neighbour come and dig it all out as he doesn’t want your garden to look better than his.  You wouldn’t allow that to happen, would you?

Then why do we allow people to do this to our minds.  We let them come in and dig up all the dreams we have and shit on them. I couldn’t imagine you letting the neighbour’s dog come and shit in your garden on a daily basis.  God forbid!  So why let people do it to you mentally?

Even though I still hate getting dirty feet, I have learnt to appreciate, that like growing healthy garden, I need to take care of myself with the same patience and respect, if I want healthy mental and emotional growth.

So, get rid of any old weeds (negative thoughts) and some people in your life for that matter, that are no longer supporting your healthy growth and allowing you to flourish.

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