Why is a Healthy Mindset so Beneficial on Your Breast Cancer Journey

Why is a Healthy Mindset so Beneficial on Your Breast Cancer Journey

I understand how you are feeling, because I have also been on the journey you are about to commence. Or maybe you are currently going through your breast cancer treatment, or maybe you have finished and are now thriving.

I have experienced all those thoughts that you have running through your mind.  Feeling overwhelmed of what lies ahead, jumbled in with all of the other emotions, as you envision the fight you have ahead.  The fight for your life!

The lumpectomy, the months of chemotherapy, the double mastectomy, reconstruction, radiation and then comes the oestrogen blockers. And I genuinely understand that our breast cancer journey is not that simple, that it can just be put in a quick sentence like that.

When we are told we have breast cancer, our world seems to suddently come to a holt.  And as we navigate the months ahead, we are also acutely aware that our everyday life must keep going.  So, how do we go about our daily lives without the cancer dominating our mindset, our every thought, and our behaviour? How do we stay positive and remain present while enjoying every day with our loved ones? 

I remember many nights unable to go to sleep because my mind would be racing, and I would be awake most of the night.  My body fighting so hard to heal, while sanctioning the chemo to rid my body of the cancer.  On those nights, I would listen to a relaxing hypnotherapy recording and simply relax as I enjoyed my mind focusing only on relaxation and healing.  I would feel calm, at peace and reassurance would flow through me.

I would listen to a hypnotherapy recording while I was having my chemotherapy as well.  As I lay in the chair and the cold chemo flowed through my veins, my mind was elsewhere.  My mind would be in a calm place, a place where I was totally in control.   Focusing on the chemo working and killing every bad cancer cell and eliminating it completely from my body.  My mind was focusing on all the good and positive thoughts that I wanted to put my energy towards. I spent that time strengthening my mindset.

I was surrounded by an amazing team of medical professionals.  I trusted them with saving my life, while I concentrated on keeping my thoughts positive.  I am so grateful everyday for my amazing medical team and for modern medicine.

I knew from my 20 years of working as a Mindset Coach and being a Clinical Hypnotherapist, the importance attitude plays in our daily lives.   Our thoughts lead to feelings, but the problem for most of us is, that we are not actually aware of our thoughts, but we are very much aware of our feelings.

We often hear it is all about having strong ‘willpower’, but as I am sure you already know, it is not that easy to break a habit of thinking or feeling a certain way, just because a part of us wants to.  If only it where that simple.

Because we all experience the world through our senses, when we are in a deep state of relaxation through hypnotherapy, our physiology will respond accordingly.  That is, it will respond as if we were actually experiencing the changes in our surroundings. Our minds are extremely powerful and can immediately go off in any direction that we tell it to go.

How often have your experienced hearing a song and immediately it makes you feel happy, and you start singing along. Or maybe the opposite happens, and you begin to cry.  Or you think of someone, and it makes your smile, or depending on the person, you may feel anger start to dwell up inside of you.  Or you smell hot bread that has just come out of the oven and you start salivating.

As human beings, we are wired to experience the world through our senses. We can either have them work in sustaining a healthy and positive mindset, or allow them to keep us stuck in negative, destructive, and unhelpful attitudes, feelings and behaviours.  The chose really is ours.

Hypnotherapy can offer comfort and reassurance at the times we need it the most.  The times when we need to ensure we are doing everything physically and mentally imaginable to heal. Through guided imagery and being in a deep state of relaxation through hypnotherapy, enables us to decide on and have control over our mindset.  We are then able to cope with the roller coaster of emotions that come with the journey of breast cancer treatment and life after breast cancer.

Hypnosis is an evidence-based modality, and the benefits are both physical and psychological. Throughout time, it has been proven that there is a very strong and effective connection, between our subconscious and conscious mind. Scottish physician and surgeon Dr James Braid first began to use the word ‘hypnosis’, derived from the Greek word ‘Hypnos’ meaning sleep, in the 1840’.

Through hypnosis, we are able to maintain focused attention, therefore having an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestions. And hypnosis is a very natural and common state we experience every day.  It is a completely normal human ability we all experience and enjoy at different times. For example, how often have you been driving, and you get to your destination, but you can’t remember the drive at all? 

When we circumnavigate our conscious mind through hypnotherapy, it allows us to experience many therapeutic benefits.  It is a highly effective way of reducing stress related problems, by releasing accumulated physical, mental, and emotional tension from our body and mind.

My entire focus is about you. I personalise the sessions around you and what you want to think and feel and what you are wanting to accomplish.

What you will achieve on your hypnotherapy journey with me: –

  • Experience the calmness and positive thoughts and feelings as you focus on healing your amazing body 
  • Be able to tune out of the busy world around you
  • Acknowledge negative thoughts and feelings
  • Ensure you do not get stuck in unhelpful/negative emotions
  • Focus clearly on what you are wanting to feel and think
  • Cope with the many emotions that will come with your breast cancer journey
  • Support you to thrive and focus on your future


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